A Non-Binary person mainly attracted to men
Im Non-Binary with a toric attraction.
by JayStudios September 18, 2020
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toric, also known as:

non binary loving men (nblm)
girl 1: hey you see that person over there?
girl 2: oh yeah them?

girl 1: yeah i wanna ask them out!
girl 2: you shouldn’t do that they’re toric and only attracted to men!
by xxcutie November 2, 2020
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When you decide to take a vacation from your girlfriend named Tori. Every guy gets 2 months minimum per year to be used whenever he wants, no questions asked.
“Hey babe, the guys and I are going on a trip. I’m gonna use my Torication days!”
by SwiftCeo February 25, 2018
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A Toric person is a Non-Binary Person who is attracted mostly to men or masculine presenting people! This doesn't mean they cannot love women/fem presenting people though. It's more of a preference thing lol.
Person 1: I'm thinking i should confess to *enter name*, even though they're Toric.
Person 2: What's Toric?
Person 1: Being Toric means that you are a non-binary person who loves men or masc-presenting people!
by kaworuxshinjisupporter December 15, 2022
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