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The phrase "Period Ahh Period Uhh" was a now-meme sung by the controversial media personality BrittBarbie on Tiktok.
Person two: What the hell are you singing? Your tone deaf!
Person one: That's the joke.
Person two: Urmm okay.
by kaworuxshinjisupporter November 13, 2022
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A Toric person is a Non-Binary Person who is attracted mostly to men or masculine presenting people! This doesn't mean they cannot love women/fem presenting people though. It's more of a preference thing lol.
Person 1: I'm thinking i should confess to *enter name*, even though they're Toric.
Person 2: What's Toric?
Person 1: Being Toric means that you are a non-binary person who loves men or masc-presenting people!
by kaworuxshinjisupporter December 15, 2022
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Smut is a word often a word used by the younger generation of Millennials and GenZ. The word 'smut' is often used to describe sex or erotic materials (aka 18+ shit.) contained in fanfiction or books. This can also apply to art too but is usually the former.

Smut can be all kinds of sexual activity. This includes fetishes, omegaverse, and just straight porn. Smut is also commonly referred to as Lemon, or Lime. Though the definition of Lemon is very similar to Smut, Lime is referred to when sexual stuff is mentioned but now outright written in a story.

Td;Lr: smut is basically just porn usually in fanfiction form.
Person 1: Do you know the fanfiction "Todoroki and the Special Night"? Its my favorite!
Person 2: Isn't that the one with the Smut...? You kinky bitch.
Person 3: What is smut?

Person 2: Smut is sexually explicit content in a fanfiction or book.

Person 3: Wow, Person 1 sure is kinky!"
Person 1: Hey!
by kaworuxshinjisupporter January 8, 2023
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Being in a Lavender Haze is a phrase found in the 1950s. It is about being deeply in love with somebody, kind of being oblivious to everything around them that isn't about their crush and/or love interest.

This is also a song with the name Lavender Haze by Taylor Swift about wanting to be in/being in a 'Lavender Haze' (as described by the first definition)
Person 1: Hey, Person 2, have you heard the new TS song, 'Lavender Haze'? What does it mean?
Person 2: It means to be deeply in love!
Person1: Oh! So, you're oblivious to everyone else?
Person 2: You get it now!
by kaworuxshinjisupporter November 13, 2022
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