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A old midget that likes to get play of the game by jerking off and pressing Q to make his turret op af
Mercy: Fucking torbjorn
Torbjorn: haha I'm a torbjorn main cause I have cancer .....:)
by Jeff Kaplan is bea June 14, 2017
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A cancerous Swedish dwarf that will destroy your destroy your hopes and dreams with a single hammer and turret, getting play of the game as he dances on the turret.
Pharah: I see a Torbjorn Main whipping out his hammer!
Ana: Run before the demon catches you!
by Icanreadyyourmind June 11, 2018
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A noun
The one person on your team that sucks
You really want them off your team
Ladder matches are always thrown
Everyone hates them so much
Rodents of the game Overwatch
Gamer 1: Alright let’s pick a good team comp

Gamer 2: I’m a Torbjorn main so I’ll pick him

Gamer 1: Shut the hell up and leave the server
by Dysfunctionaltup February 24, 2019
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