The loyal and passionate army of black and white clad Newcastle United fans who pack out St James Park (capacity 52,500) every other saturday to watch their beloved Toon play. Even though they have not won a trophy for 35 years now!.
Me and my girl are members of the toon army man!
by Iain Langmaid July 31, 2005
also known as 'the best fans in the world'

in reality, the most misguided gullible fools on earth. In thrall to the media-inspired misconception that they are a 'big club'

The toon army tribe are easily recognisable by their black and white shirts and ever-increasing waistlines. Blind worship of Mr A Shearer
50,000 pissed up idiots at Sid James Park on a saturday afternoon chanting 'toon army'
by Bellamys Hunch September 12, 2006