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The study of the intellectual messages that are hidden and open to interpretation from the band tool. Usually psychedelics are involved in finding secret messages and multi-meanings. Exploration of the infinite rabbit hole that one is exposed to through subjugation. A study that no one can really find any one meaning or answer in.
Toolology can be a group exercise but usually one finds meanings only for ones self. Toolology is useful to help send you a message that is circumstantial and critical to where you find yourself in life at that moment in time. For me it helped me stop being bitter at my ex because in a song it quotes "wear the grudge like a crown of negativity, calculate what we will or will not tolerate, desperate to control all and everything, unable to forgive these scarlet letterman" the message was clear to me that my hate for my ex was a prime example of how primitive humans become when their emotions are fucked with and also how unnecessary and unhealthy this state of being is.
by Metro Josh March 01, 2009
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