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what you tell someone when they're being whiny and annoying.
"can i have some ice cream?"
"but i really want some ice cream!!!"
"that's just too damn bad."
by t-t-t-tally March 16, 2008
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Usually said when someone is whining about a task they don't wanna do. It'll shut someone up easily that is complaining.
Little Warden Walker: I'm tired of this grandpa!
Grandpa Walker: WELL THAT'S TOO DAMN BAD! You keep diggin'!
Little Warden Walker: Well excuse me.

Kid 1: Can you buy us another controller for our Wii?
Mom: You already have 3, what wrong with those?
Kid 2: All 4 of us want to play SSBB, together, at the same time!
Kid 3: Please?
Kid 4: We just have to! We have to!
Mom: Well that's too damn bad. I ain't buyin' you another one.
by Pirated! May 30, 2013
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