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In a group chat or chat room, the act of repeating what someone else has just said. The repetition doesn't have to be exact, but must relate directly to the same subject.

Also applies to URLs posted to chat.

Rob: Man, did you see that game this weekend? That last shot was amazing.
Brad: Did you all see the final shot in that game this weekend? It was sweet!
Rob: tony'd.
Brad: Damnit!
by knac February 18, 2008
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A gay man who craves dick and is always the bottom a taker, a Bitch.
Dude don't be a Tony D.
by The original Pistol June 20, 2017
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Damn, I was tony'd again and didn;t even realize it.
by Jean February 18, 2005
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Tony'd (Toe-Knee-D), verb: to be a shitty human being by breaking a promise in the hopes of winning a competition, only to lose when someone does the same thing to you later in that event. Named after Tony Grippando, when he went back on his word with Alex Fennell in round 7 of the Las Vegas Open, only to lose to Nick Nanavati when Nick did the samething Tony had done to Alex.
Jim Tony'd himself when he went back on his agreement with Phil on playing it as it lies!
by theillusionofsafety May 04, 2018
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Modern Day Renaissance Man. Philosopher, Physicist, Parent, Musician
If TonyD gets the bugs worked out his time-travel theory, we'll be able to harness global warming in time for the North Pole Marathon.
by SequoiaMan January 01, 2010
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