to be asleep, to be snoring like a chainsaw cutting down trees.
She passed out last night after the party; she was totally sawing logs.
by ArtMoxie July 11, 2006
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a extremely long and round turd, usually found in the shithouse.
Ewwwww, My sister left a saw log in the shitter.
by maddizzletwentytwizzle November 4, 2007
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To get things done in an excellent manner or to be a pimp/awesome in general.
After Stuart found the sweet spot on his stihl ms440, he was able to saw a log.

"Sh*t boy I tell you what, run a little nitro in the fuel mix for this saw and it will saaaw a laaaawwwg!"
by obiwanaword February 4, 2010
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When one defecates on a woman's chest (see also: Cleavland Steamer), with the fecal matter landing horizontally to her breasts, and then saws the fecal matter in half whilst boning her through the sweet boobage.
After I gave her a Cleveland steamer, I gave her a good old fashioned log sawing.
by astoriaboy28 March 28, 2009
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