Yiddish word for buttocks. Comes from Hebrew word for "under". Also spelled tuckus, tuchus, patookas, patookus. Related words tushie, tush
Being stuck in traffic is a real pain in the tokhes.
by Lori Stone Sirtosky December 21, 2004
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Yiddish expression for an Ass kisser, suck up, brownnoser. Not a compliment.

Tokhes (Yiddish): gluteus maximus, ass, butt
Lecher (Yiddish): A lecherous man.

Alt spelling: Tukhes Lecher, Toochis Lecher, Tuchus Lecher.
That Goldman is always sucking up to the boss. He is such a tokhes lecher.
The charecter of Eli Turnbull (David Spade) in the Movie the Coneheads was a classic example of a tokhes lecher.
by Commander Ogg February 13, 2021
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