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a man whos genitals touch the toilet bowl water while seated; a man with a huge dick and/or balls that hangs so far down that they take a bath while he is mounting the porcelain goddess.

n: toilet-dipper
v:toilet-dipping, toilet-dip, toilet-dipped
girl - "that guy and i hooked up the other night, he is definitely a toilet-dipper!"

guy - "dude, i hate when i fuckin toilet dip!"
friend - "yeah that is pretty dirty, what does your girlfriend think of that?"
by "the nike slogan!" January 28, 2010
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When a guy's balls are so saggy that they touch water while sitting on the toilet.
That guy's balls hung so low, they must be toilet dippers.
by JNRO January 20, 2008
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1) a person who has such a small bathroom, that they risk dipping their shower curtain in the toilet. Usually associated with small cramped basement apartments or just about all apartments in lower Manhattan. Please note, "toilet dipper" does not nessicarily have anything to do with financial status. - meant to be funny

2) a Bully that is recognized as such for dipping the head of un-suspecting victims in the toilet and flushing.
Class 2 Toilet Dippers make sure they use the toilet before they dunk the head of the unsuspecting victim in.
That toilet dipper is trying to fit another person into his/her Apartment.

That toilet dipper is really causing crap today.
by Will Stanton April 03, 2007
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