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1. People that do something to toilets, such as put something on the seat or loosen something in order to pull a prank.
2. Small creatures that crawl out of the toilet when you are doing math homework while taking a dump, and give you the answers.
3. Essences that increase your focus and brain power when you are in a bathroom.
4. People that graffiti porta-pottys

5. People that hide in the bathroom, usually sitting on the toilet, when they troll the web.
My mom didn't want me to do my math homework in the bathroom because she claimed that the toilet trolls would tell me all the answers.

"Looks like the toilet trolls stopped by," said the park ranger when he saw the spray painted porta-potty.
You don't know when the toilet trolls are online, because they just seem like they are going to the bathroom.
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by Okto May 25, 2017
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