A derogatory term used to describe a snob...comes from the common idea that those of higher social classes are subject to brown-nosing, and as toffee's are brown and sticky snobs get a brown-nose.
This neighbourhood is filled with nothing but a bunch of toffee-nosed snobs.
by karientoch March 13, 2019
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(Adjective) Snobbish or stuck-up. Derives from the old English slang word "toff" - used by the lower class when describing an upper class gentleman.
"Hey Nigel, look at that old toffee-nosed banker over there! He wouldn't want to dirty his shoes walking on our side of the street!"
by Dr_Maseuss May 28, 2014
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a stuck up person, a person who thinks he/she is better than YOU!!!
You think your better than me? Stick it up your arse you toffee nosed twat!!!
by dAnarky April 17, 2003
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Often used by Liverpool Football Club supporters to describe Everton Football Club supporters. Everton are known as the toffees due to toffees being thrown into the crowd many years ago.
Have you heard that bitter toffee nosed twat?

I fucking hate andy gray the toffee nosed twat!
by Scouse Mouse October 14, 2009
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