2 definitions by Dr_Maseuss

The act of having anal sex with a man or woman when they have diarrhoea.
Guy 1: Hey dude, wanna here something gross? I stirred the paint with a chick I met at the bar the other night.

Guy 2: That's nothing! I met a guy at the bar and I was stirring the brown paint all night long!
by Dr_Maseuss September 30, 2016
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(Adjective) Snobbish or stuck-up. Derives from the old English slang word "toff" - used by the lower class when describing an upper class gentleman.
"Hey Nigel, look at that old toffee-nosed banker over there! He wouldn't want to dirty his shoes walking on our side of the street!"
by Dr_Maseuss May 28, 2014
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