5 definitions by dAnarky

Little pieces of poo that are neglected when wiping ones bum.
Mark- "Oi Dave, why are you walkin like that?"
Dave- "Sorry mate, i've got bum nuts!"
Mark- "Wipe yer bloody arse then!!!"
by dAnarky May 14, 2003
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one who is so jumped-up they will ne'er (never) come down, they shovel shite and they are no less than a twat.
Toff- "Oh, i see your driving a ford... I have a porsche!"
Dave- "Shut the fuck up, you jumped-up ne'er come-down shite-shovelin-twat"
by dAnarky May 14, 2003
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To shag an ugly, fat, twat of a lass coz your mate fancies her fit friend.
Mark: "Where are you going Dave?"
Dave: "See that ugly cunt over the way?"
Mark: "Yeah???"
Dave: "Well, Steve fancies her mate so I'm going to do a spot of charity work!"
by dAnarky June 05, 2003
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a stuck up person, a person who thinks he/she is better than YOU!!!
You think your better than me? Stick it up your arse you toffee nosed twat!!!
by dAnarky April 17, 2003
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