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A girl/boy who has so much acne their faces they look they were smacked over the head by a toaster on high heat.
"Oh my god, did you see Megan today? What a toaster face."
"Yeah, it looked so nasty!"
by los pies es succio! January 05, 2012
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An ugly girl that you sleep with that has a head shaped like the common kitchen appliance that toasts bread.
Conor:"I totally slayed a dragon last night."
Erik:"Was she a Toaster-Face?"
Conor:"Yes, without a doubt."
by ExDragaonSlayer October 18, 2006
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When someone says, "u" instead of you, and you mentally murder them 500000000000000000000 times, and then block their number.
Annoying person: *texting* did u get the math homework
Me: *Blocks number and ignores person until they see the made mistake and say sorry*
Annoying Person: Sorry, I was being a toasterface earlier, I was in a rush.
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by IreallyLikePizza May 27, 2018
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