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From Beyonce's "Irreplaceable",

1.) Dismissed, dumped, broke off

2.) "Step aside," as in when a person is dumped: means to get out of one's face and life so that a new partner can be established.

3.) Indicating where the door is located, even if it is not actually located to the left -- "To the left" indicates that your exit is expected right fucking now.
BF: Baby, it wasn't me with that girl!
GF: Ain't got time for your excuses, playa.... to the left.
by Sugarfoot December 02, 2006
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an expression Beyonce uses in her song "Irreplaceable" (written by NeYo) meaning homeboy can get his stuff, put it in a box, and leave. This signals the end of a relationship and that the man should pack everything he owns in a box and move to the left, out the door. Neyo described this expression to Tyra on the Tyra Banks show.
"To the left, to the left, everything you own in a box to the left"
by Sabbycakes January 20, 2007
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the universal order of passing a joint, a blunt or a bong when smoking weed
pass the doobie to the left biddy bum bum boom

Nigga 1: This is the first time I'm gonna smoke weed
Nigga 2: It's two hits then you pass it to the left
Nigga 1: I always knew that nigga
by DrunknMonkey January 07, 2009
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also used in the song "leavin'" by jesse mccartney. maybe he used it as a nod to beyonce
find the "leavin" lyrics...."to the left" is there
by amamamnet March 28, 2009
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From Beyoncé's hit song irreplaceable

To the left is a reference to the fact that woman have no rights
Zach: why does Beyoncé say to the left?
Susan B. Anthony: Because woman have no rights
by LastNightsBenji December 31, 2014
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A person/ or persons considered to be of unsound mind often resulting in being dissed/dismissed and rejected by a select peer group. Often used as a nickname bestowed on someone who has been rejected "to-the-left".
Mike said " OH shit, tell Sarah that its crazy people to the left".
Mike told the team they should call her Sarah-to-the-left.
by Queen_to_the_left January 27, 2007
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