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Possibly the most amazing songwriter/poet to roam the earth. His music will survive all eternity without pause and inspire young and old alike. He is a god of all music that was and all music that will ever exsist. I am not yet convinced of his death.
Dude that was like friggin Jim Morrison!
Jim Morrison inspired that song!
by silvrrstarr February 23, 2009

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verb. to look up on urban dictionary.
Don't forget to urban that tonight.
by silvrrstarr February 24, 2009

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one who does not eat meat, typically hippies and animal rights activists. though veg head is somewhat of an insult. we prefer the name vegetarian.
dude: num num num... hey you want a bite of my burger?

vegetarian: No I'm a vegetarian.

dude: veg head! how do you live like that!
by silvrrstarr February 24, 2009

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