French equivalent of "DW" (don't worry), litteraly abbreviation of "ne t'inquiètes pas" (means don't worry), which becomes > t'inquiètes > t'inkiete > tkt

Note: The "qu" becomes often "k" for the SMS/MSN french generation.
"tkt je le ferais"
(dw, i'll do it)
by Waub March 17, 2008
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tkt is a French msn/chat short for "T'inquiètes", meaning "Don't worry/That's OK" or "I know what I'm talking about/I'm gonna make it.".
A: I'm not sure you're gonna win this contest.
B: tkt I'm sure I'm gonna.
by enono January 4, 2007
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Ohh ok”
*next moment, being grenaded
by Ddu ddu ddu April 19, 2019
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When you are playing Modern Warfare 2 with a party on a Thursday night and everyone competes to see who can get the most throwing knife (TK) kills. Whoever gets the most TKs that game wins. By the end of the night whoever won the most games is the TK Champion.
Mike: hey ryan! Guess what?!?!
Ryan: what????
Mike: today is Throwing knife thursday (TKT)!!
Ryan: oh yeah! Lets go p00n some n00bs with our awsome throwing knife skills
Mike: yeah, w00t!
by x addict3d x June 18, 2010
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Used as a sound in a beatbox
Random: Hey drop me a beat I'll throw some bars

Andrea: tkt tkt tkt
by Is it obligatory July 28, 2022
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