AKA titties. From Chappelle Show's "Black Bush" skit.
"Imagine two women...touchin' on each other's tittyballs, caressin' em', gently strokin' those nipples til they get just so STIFF, and erect! Blow on em'..."
by Holla at ur nigga July 28, 2004
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Lumps located on the breasts. However similar to breast cancer, it is unrelated.
by stop me September 10, 2008
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(Mel-un-Bawl Ti-tee-Bawlz) -noun

1. A Latina milf's fake breasts.
This was the first Latina i've seen in Morton Grove in years, she must have been looking for a Taco Bell. I haven't seen fake titties in my life, except for on pornos. I starting to feel on her Melonball-Tittyballs, they were fake as fuck.
by aCrazySummerAfternoon December 01, 2010
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