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Either A. When a woman has, instead of breasts, a large scrotum filled with two testicles on her chest, or B. when a male has, instead of a scrotum and testicles, tits.
Look at that chicks chest, it's so wrinkly you'd think she has a titsack.
by Poor man's man July 20, 2010
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when the male genitals are shrunken -- not shrivvelled -- but firm rather like breasts
check out that titsack.
...(abnormally firm)
by Jake Strong November 10, 2006
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A medical term for when a women (or man) grows an extra flap of skin aroung the breast filled with puss.*often imitated by using water balloons.
Don't slap me with that titsack! It could pop!
by titsack master June 26, 2011
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