A tip drill is another name for runnin a train on a girl.

Comes from baseketball where players line up at the free throw line and tip it off the backboard consecutively, one after another.

Think of it in the sense of a group of men runnin a train on a woman. First man in line hits, next man follows until everyone has had a turn...

If the nelly song is the first time u have heard this term try listening to the lyrics more carefully. Just cause they say " it must be your ass cause its not your face" doesnt mean a tip drill is a chick with a big botty and an ugly face.
"I said it ain't no fun less we all get some
I need a tipdrill, we need a tipdrill "
by Top Notch Female June 8, 2004
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When a girl bends over and her man puts his penis in her ass crack without any penetration. This is usually done as foreplay before doggystyle sex or as an act when the man and the woman do not want to engage in full intercourse. It is the ass equivalant of a titty fuck. The woman's ass cheeks are used to excite the penis, sometimes to ejaculation. Her ass is "polishing your tip".

ALSO, a girl who has a nice ass. This is because a girl needs a nice ass in order for this act to be pleasureable.

Many people confuse this word for the equivelent of running the train. This is because this act is used by many men on one woman on after the other. This is common because a tip drill does not involve penetration, making it easier to be repeated on one girl in a short amount of time.

The act is mock performed in Nelly's "Tip Drill" video. Also, the video focuses on the ass crack and at the end, Nelly swipes a credit card on a girl's ass, simulating the act.
"See now i wanna let you ride but the rubber might slide you's a tip drill girl you a tip drill"

"Now baby girl bring it ova let me spit my pimp juice i need a tip drill i need a tip drill"

Nelly--"Tip Drill"

by noGood May 7, 2006
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Everybody is getting confused because tip drill is used a couple ways: (1) using the tip of the penis in the crack of a woman's ass without penetration, and (2) the type of woman who who do the act - has a big ass and is a freak, but not necessarily a pretty face (see Nelly's song "Tip Drill"). It's analogous to calling someone a chicken head, except instead of performing oral, they perform ass grinding.
"Toot that ass up mama put that dip in ya back and let me tip drill just let me tip drill" and "see now i wanna let you ride but the rubber might slide you's a tip drill girl you a tip drill".
by odysseus27 July 17, 2004
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Skeezy bitch that will get naked in a rap video or real life and just let you treat them wrong. Dump champagne on them take off their clothes and of course throw money on her naked asshole.
"It must be her ass, cause it ain't her face, I need a tip drill"
by Jobie Trice December 1, 2005
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it is simply a lap dance. . . nothing more to it
its not a girl with a big booty and ugly face (that would be a butterhead)
its not a girl you run a train on either (thats a goliver or a breakdown cuz all your doing is breakin um down)
"Now you can call me tip drill, they playing my song
Throw a couple ones, then she throw away her thong "
young joc
he's talkin about a lap dance at the titty bar
by nv+joc December 19, 2006
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n. an unattractive person, male or female, esp. one who is used for sex or money.

If you listen to the Nelly's lyrics, the term is used by both female and male.
Male: I said it must be ya ass cause it ain’t ya face/I need a tip drill, I need a tip drill…

Female:It must be ya money, cause it ain’t ya face/You a tip drill, nigga you a tip drill.
by rachel December 12, 2005
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During a lap dance a stripper will back that big b00ty up to grind n bounce her ass crack all ovah tha john's dick. Essentially this is a repetitive screwing like motion that drills tha nigga for a tip. The term can be used as a verb to describe the act, & as a noun to describe either the man or woman involved in this luscious freaky simulated sex act. Keep your mind on the money n the act as for the face who gives a damn what the trick or hoe looks like when drillin yer tip in that dark mine hole
Verb- shows action (action verb) or being (linking verb)

Turn that ass up mama put that dip in ya back
And let me tip drill, just let me tipdrill

Noun- person, place, thing or idea

Murphey Lee:
Now mama girl you gotta friend that dont mind joinin in
I'm a tip drill, cause I'm a tipdrill

Yous a tipdrill, nigga you a tipdrill
I know you a trick go spend that shit
You old tipdrill, you monkeyass tipdrill

by twistedchick August 16, 2007
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