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An individual who plays rugby, doesn't respect people, makes fun of everyone and likes vodka. Fragile masculinity.
Girl1: hey I like this boy

*shows instagram profile and tje caption says "with someone who plays a little"

Girl2: oh hell no, he's a tincho, dump him
by idkmansomeoneintheinternet August 12, 2017
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Argentinian slang, with similar meaning to that of Jock.
The few differences with this term fall to tinchos being rugby players with long hair, who often upload images and stories on social media in the effort of appearing to belong to a "high" Social class.

Term originated from the name "Martín" which got to be common amongst high school rugby players in Argentina.
(Tincho on an Instagram post, said Tincho and one of his rugby chums both posing for the camera, whilst both of them appear to be covered in mud. Description reads:)
-"A pic with one who doesn't play well"-
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by vandal1284 January 23, 2018
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