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the word "timsy" is a misspelling of "tinfy", wich comes from the hebrew word "tinofet".
"tinofet" means filth, mess, litter, and describes something that is overall gross and slimy.
"timsy" is a ball of "tinofet".
or to put it in simple words - you make a ball out of toilet paper, the size of a fist or so, you soak it in water, and throw it at someones head.
wtf, this fag just threw a timsy at me!

now 'rbody in da club gettin timsy!
by my name. January 05, 2005
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Noun form of the word timid
Person 1: Babe, am I really that fat?
Person 2: No need to get all timsy about it though.
by ryanszczucki March 31, 2019
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