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The postulated fundamental particle of perspectual reality. Whilst the sense of personal realness is essential a subjective phenomena, it is noted that the effect of mind altering susbstances, music (esp. deep rhythm), environment and the closeness and mood of other sentient individuals the sense of 'realness' can be measured on a scale of timron density. Such that once a certain threshold is reach they become perceivable usually felt, but also possibly seen. This effect is such that sober individuals entering a region of high timron density will experience temporal intoxication.
The vibe of a good party can instantly change the mood of sober visitors - the quality of the music, lighting and relative intoxication of established guests creates a vortex of postulated fundamental particles - named the Timron - which is a way of quantifying the vibe. At increasing timron densities mood, then perceptual effects occurs - such effects must be transmitted by a quantum wave/particle - herein defined as the Timron.
by Zarendarger June 26, 2011
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