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The act of anally fisting someone up to the elbow, in most cases without lube.
John was a shitty boss, who in his spare time tried to tilver every person working under him. What a prick.
by I hate my job August 04, 2007
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"Did you get those tilver concert tickets?"
"Did you see the tilver episode of Pale Force?"
"Jim Gaffigan is tilver."
by Abby "James Bond" December 09, 2006
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(Word created for the sole reason to rhyme with silver)
Tilver is the substance remaining in a plastic bottle after drinking. Whenever one drinks from a bottle there are always those few drops that are stuck to the walls, and those unobtainable drops are tilver.
Hey, you know what I hate?

No, what?

That you buy a pop but you never get all of it out of the bottle.

Yea dude, the tilver is kind of heartbreaking.
by Philup Moneybag January 20, 2008
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