Australian slang for someone who is so careful with money they are like racoons with acorns.
Sam: "That Heinz soup is too expensive. Get the Home Brand, it's 5c cheaper"
Scott: "You are such a tightarse Sam"
by Miss Undefinable May 18, 2009
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Someone who is too serious. Substitute tightarse for serious.
Nigel is tightarse.
Screw you, tightarsely!
I love tightarse people.

by lig March 9, 2006
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One who refuses to pay the going rate, someone who accepts your offers of drinks or whatever and does'nt repay the favour.
That guy is such a tightarse, drank my piss all night then would'nt let me have one of his durries
by jamesbrown April 22, 2003
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The name given to the condition of only texting friends on telstra, one you have telstra 1c text.
Bloke 1:I was going to text Ricko the other day, but he is on optus.
Bloke 2: Your such a telstra Tightarse
by Stueynator May 21, 2009
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