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noun; An endless stream of the following:

a) Reposts
b) Cute Animals
c) Tumblr/Facebook/Twitter Screenshots
d) Community circle-jerking
e) Celebrity worship of RDJ, Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence
f) Pretty much three fandoms: Pokemon, Dr Who and Harry Potter (The rest come and go, or show themselves only occasionally)
g) Fedora-athiests
h) "epic memes XD"
Sometimes, if your'e lucky, you'll see an clever, original contribution to the internet. But don't count on it. Long are the days when tickld was a small collective of witty, insightful uploaders. It is now a sprawling swamp of a website to wade through when you haven't got a brain or anything better to do.
ticklr: OMF tickl is such a great website! Did you see the tumblr post with the meme of the cat dressed as Iron Man? IWASHOFUNNEH!!!XD! I don't care that the same post was made yesterday, it still deserves my upvote. tickld is the best!
me: OK then... *sobs at the loss of a once great website*
by shiggydiggydoowop May 30, 2013
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