Annoying but can also be fun. Thinks mark Tuan is a top when he’s definitely not. She also thinks she’s stronger than everyone else but...she’s not. She probably likes kpop and listens to moan videos. But keep her close because she might buy you a stray kids album. Probably is an okay girlfriend. IF YOU MESS WITH HER BE READY TO FITE ME.
Elayna: “whos she?”
Savannah: “oh, that’s tianie.”
Elayna: “She looks kinda weird.”
Savannah: “She is but she might buy me a stray kids album so I lob her.”
by Savannah Tuan January 17, 2018
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Tianies are annoying but fun sometimes. Most likely brunette. They are weird but almost cool friends. Most tianies are short but mentally strong. They will try to fight you but wont succeed. They never like to lose. Probably likes kpop and kinky stuff. Keep your tianie close because you don’t want to get on her bad side. Normally not very smart but they’ll try to be. Tianies make sorta good girlfriends. Keep your tianie but don’t feel bad for swapping her out.
Girl 1: “whos that?”
Girl 2: “oh, that’s tianie.”
by Savannah Tuan January 17, 2018
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A tianie is one of the best people you will meet she has a strong wiled personality she has a warm heart. Her best features are her eyes and smile. Tianie is an amazing and adventurous person to be around. Never let her go otherwise she won’t come back she can be very sensitive at times but never shows it. She is very pretty but doesn’t know it the best thing you could do is tell her that.
Sam: “ That girl is a tianie she’s wonderful.

Tom: “ I know”
by Cath May 15, 2018
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