A nickname for a large and or powerful penis. The phallus is known as the "thunderstick." The semen is known as "lightning" or "rain." After having intercourse with a thunderstick, the female has been "thunderstruck."
Girl A- So Preston got tanked at the party and got naked. His penis is rather large and rather thick. I think it qualifies as a thunderstick.
Girl B- Nice! I hope i get struck by lightning!

Man A- Dude, I make it rain on dem hoes with my thunderstick.

Boy A- Yeah i boinked her last night. She's been thunderstruck.
Boy B- Shizzle
by sensimillia August 13, 2008
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When a women uses her dildo so fast that u cannot see it any more means it is a thunderstick
Dave watches mary use her thunderstick so fast that he could see it any he about blew his load all over her
by doesnt matter April 29, 2004
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a slang term for a firearm, usually a shotgun of the 12 gauge variety.
Homie got hit with a thunderstick and was DOA!
by sepsev1982 October 15, 2011
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Thundersticked- a nutwack the breaks the Shinerscale(1) at a level 5 or higher

(1) Shinerscale- a scale the measures the power, velocity, and momentum behind any nutwack. Named after the master of nutwacks, The Shining Star. A level 10 Thunderstick could literally tear the foreskins off of Matthew Hall.
The Shining Star thundersticked Matthew Hall so hard that he became circumsized.
by Swag! March 4, 2010
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