Thunder Cross Split Attack is the ultimate hamon technique as used by Dire from part 1 in jjba. To use thunder cross split attack, one must cross their arms in an X formation. It is the perfect balance of attack and defence and is the perfect strategem.
Dio: Wryyy! You think you can beat me with such sleepy movements?

Dire: You fell for it, fool! Thunder Cross Split Attack!
Speedwagon: Incredible! By crossing his arms he can attack while keeping his guard up! It's a perfect strategem!
Straizo: No fighter has escaped it.
by prayersofallahsuckmydong December 18, 2019
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Thunder Cross Split Attack is an attack technique used in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, it consists in crossing your arms and infusing them with hamon so that you are able to attack in a defensive position.
Jhonny: Hey, Steve, what's up?
Steve: I'm fine, how about you?
Jhonny: Yes, everything is fine... Wait, what is that? *Points at Steve's shirt*
Steve: *Looks down*
Steve: NANI!?
by Crimson Ice July 2, 2020
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The ultimate technique in which one uses Hamon to slowly propel one's self up than drift down slowly onto their opponent baiting them into grabbing and splitting your legs only to have you cross your arms building up massive amounts of Hamon to attack your enemy. This move has the best protecc and attacc.
Dire: No one can just deflect the Cross thunder split attack!
Literally Everyone:...
by DoubtlessCar0 March 24, 2019
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