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Thuggie; a man/woman who is a thug and gay at the same time. They usually hang around popular people. He/she can force people to kiss them. Thuggies can cuss a lot. Their main are "Pussy, bitch, thot, fucker." He/she can fight anyone who stands in their way. Mainly nerds, crybabies, and dumb people. A thuggie's weakness is getting called fruity by 2 to 4 people.
You: Hey look at that thuggie.
Friend 1: Yeah he/she is so fruity
Friend 2: You wanna go up to him and call him fruity?
You: Sure.
You and your friends go up to the thuggie and call him/her fruity. He/she gets emotional and dies of sadness.
by Andi_69 November 16, 2018
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The sickest sweater like garment since the snuggie
Dude, did you see Janet Jackson rockin that thuggie at the VH1 awards, I saw both nipples this time!
by AWKD December 28, 2010
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Distinctly average cs and dod player. Good friends with Punzzz aka Medley who makes amazing dod runs. Forever in his shadow
Yeh he's okay....hes no medley though
by blobnar July 18, 2004
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