Three-way relationship. Properly known by polyamorists as a triad. Amusingly known by many gay men as a 'thruple.'
In a gay thruple, there is twice the sex, but six times the emotional baggage, as the joke goes.
by Tat2Boston August 17, 2007
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a thruple is a three way romantic relationship. unlike a couple, a thruple has three people involved, like a threesome but with long term commitment
“guess what guys, ian gallagher and mickey milkovich are no longer a couple but a thruple with tony padilla
by hoe~ June 13, 2018
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I persuaded my boyfriend and my girlfriend to engage in a thruple with me.
by richimelenas August 18, 2018
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I ran into our favorite thruple at a party last night.
by morninggarden February 11, 2014
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Thruples can be defined best as a three way relationship that truly is what it sounds like it is. Thruples should be composed of at least one person that is not the same sex as the other two in the relationship. Thruples are very serious matters to those that are in them. People that are in thruples are you lovers, your best friends, and your family. Thruples are just like a couple but with three people.
Alex: "Hey man, can I come over?"

Josh: "Sorry bro, it's thruple night with my thruple mates."

Alex: "So, what's your point?"

Josh: "I have to spend time with my boyfriend and girlfriend."
by RealStoops January 15, 2011
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