(longboard skateboarding)
a hole that closely fits the baseplate of a truck is cut through the deck, the baseplate the truck is removed from the hanger, then both are reattached with the deck between. the bolts are used upside-down for this.

trucks are dropped to lower the riding surface for stability in speedboarding and sliding, and to give a more comfortable push for cruising. the closer the deck surface is to the ground, the less the distance one must step down to push is.

also, the dropped deck will cradle more than tip than a conventional or risered one. this causes a dropped deck poorer geometry for traction because it centers the rider's weight toward the wheels outside of a turn and gives a strange feeling while carving.

if the riding surface is below the axle, the board is probably TOO low.
"the drop-thru kebbek flushcut with compIIs, ceramic rockets, and 83mm flys feels much better than anything else i've ever ridden at speeds between 55 and 70mph"
by akary May 6, 2005
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When a woman has had sex with multiple men who knows one another.
by It’s me love August 17, 2021
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Spot between females legs.
"I went to Jessica's house last night and she asked me if I wanted to go to the drive-thru."
by Silent Killa November 27, 2006
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The act of creeping through yo hood In yer slab, with the trunk on crack, fifth wheel recline, and bass bumpin, while you floss
Dayumn nickka did you see ol'boy coming thru
by B.Gaw January 22, 2009
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One who hikes a hiking trail that takes a month or more to complete. The hike is not necessaily done without leaving the woods or path. Trips into town to resupply, shower and rest up are accepted and sometimes necessary.
The term end-to-ender is applied to one who hikes the entire Vermont Long Trail in one trip, but they are also considered thru-hikers.
Section hiker is one who hikes the same trail, but completes it over a period of years.
Leap frogging is someone who does not hike the trail in one straight line, but rather jumps ahead, via hitching a ride and may or maynot return later to finish the section they skipped.
Some who hikes the 2,160 mile Appalachian Trail that goes from Georgia to Maine within one year is a thru-hiker. Also some one who hikes the 2,650 mile Pacific Crest trail or the 3,000 mile Contintial Divide Trail within 12 months are also considered thru-hikers.
by Dana Lemieux August 27, 2006
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Noun. A drive-thru and walk-up retail establishment that sells a variety of beverages, including 40 oz fermented malt liquors, hard liquors and soft drinks. They usually sell assorted miscellaneous products such as potted meat, cracklins, bootled DVDs and CDs, and Black and Mild mini cigars.
Me and the homies needed a top off so we swooped to tha 'thru and straight copped these 40s.
by Terry Bad Ice March 28, 2017
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