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When you make an implication about a person without explicitly stating who they are
Girl: I am a good role model unlike a certain someone who never does her work.
Other girl: Bonquisha, are you throwing subs at Shanaynay?
by JustSomeOne December 10, 2013
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When you diss someone & don’t mention any names .
Girl 1 : Sis mad ugly and she can’t dress

Girl 2 : You throwing subs at Ashley????

Ashley : I saw you was throwing subs on insta i wanna fight

Girl 1 : no i wasn’t .
by Taty_Waty May 05, 2018
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to secretly throw shade without nameimg the persom
girl:wow i look so pretty unlike a girl that sits next to me in class
ashley:are you throwing subs at leila?
by suck_my_Ashley_ April 09, 2016
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