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Term from the mid 80's in North Western England to describe a person (m/f) with a short temper reacting with anger and/or insult with little to no patience due to provocation.

Background. Benny, a character from the improbably successful TV Show "Crossroads" was a man of a simple nature with a short temper.
Person:"Oi !"
Protagonist:"Fuck you cocksucker. I'll come over there and fucking kick the shit out your fat ugly face!"
Person: "Shit man I was only trying to get your attention. No need to throw a benny!"
by benny_uk April 19, 2017
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someone throws their toys out of the pram / to get annoyed with someone
Dez; Look hes selling that car I sold him at mates rates!
Jimmy; Yeah he did that with that bike I sold him too, don't say anything, he'l only throw a Benny!
by AndyVaugne September 03, 2016
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