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Corsham is a historic market town in northwest Wiltshire, England. It is at the southwestern extreme of the Cotswolds, just off the A4 which was formerly the main turnpike road from London to Bristol, between Bath (7.5 miles/12 kilometres) and Chippenham (4.5 miles/7 kilometres).
Corsham was historically a centre for agriculture and later the wool industry, and remains a focus for quarrying Bath Stone. It contains several notable historic buildings, such as the stately home of Corsham Court. In World War II and the Cold War, it became a major administrative and manufacturing centre for the Ministry of Defence, with numerous establishments both above ground and in the old quarry tunnels. The early 21st century saw some growth in Corsham's role in the film industry.
I love living in Corsham!

Corsham is a beautiful town.
by blowthespeakers May 26, 2009
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a proper shithole in the south of England full to the brim of inbreds and chavs. if you want to be harassed in the street of possibly stabbed the best times are between 8am 4am. it is thought in the surrounding area some kind of radioactive apes moved there because of a source of fresh water before the entire area was infested with what we now know are corsham's residents
wow fuck i only committed 6 murders don't you think a week in corsham is a bit harsh
by genderbender69 October 27, 2020
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