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Akin to an eargasm, a throatgasm is characterized by the involuntary contractions of the throat muscles during ejactulatory emissions, particularly during felattio.
I stuck my wang so far down her pipe that she throatgasmed when I busted my nut.
by Adam NDowd April 17, 2007
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No, I am NOT referring to oral sorry boys.

A throatgasm is the term reffering to what happens when you eat something so good that you find the same reaction as you would to an orgasm.Have you ever been sitting across from a friend, they bite into something and almost moan? or their eyes are rolling back slightly? They are having a throatgasm
Trust me when it happens you'll know. You will be the one giving the "wth?" expression. Then when they finish the food, they will say "Sorry, throatgasm" Then those who are unaware of this phrase in the resteraunt will give you dirty looks, when they do just offer the food that gave you the throatgasm. Another senerio is when the male behind you is slightly turned on by this noise you made. Met my last boyfriend thanks to an amazing dessert resulting in a throatgasm
by Ms,Imformative February 10, 2009
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