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Believing that ones open sexual encounters with manys individuals and being well know in the community for doing so could get you fame, status in society, and/or monetary advancement and following suit
I thought she was a good girl but now I keep hearing different word around town she practice Thotism
by NORMAL <-- SPELLED BACKWARDS December 12, 2013
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Loosly based on the word aphorism: A short clever saying that is intended to express a general truth.

A phrase used by a girl that acts as a facade to their promiscuity. It's a red flag to show that she's a thot. Also interchangeable with slut, whore, hoe, cunt (to a certain degree) and other similar degrading words.

- "I love to travel!"
- "Live. Laugh. Love."
- "I want to find myself"
- "I'm ready to settle down"
- "I'm not like the other girls"
- "I just want to meet new people"
- "I need to cut toxic people off from my life"
Example in casual conversation:
"Dude, she said two thotisms in one sentence, that's a devastating combo."
by ChadThunderCock March 20, 2018
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I don't fuck with her no mo she's been diagnosed with THOTism.

You always be worried about that hoe over there instead of worring about what you need to be doing.
by Roxstar1235 August 27, 2014
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The mental disability associated with being a thot.
Begone thotism*
“Yo dat bitch over there got thotism”
by *Internal screaming* October 27, 2018
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When a thot has severe case of autism (Cancer/Toxicity), posts booty pics on Instagram, and uses "feminist knowledge" (rendered useless) and uses un-true facts and stupid arguments to win an argument, or to try to offend you.
(Ben Shapiro) "Begone T H O T"
(Thot) "NO"
(Ben Shapiro) "You know nothing, you stupid peasant"
(Ben Shapiro) "You are just a perfect example of what Thotism looks like."
(Thot) "There are 89986573836 genders"
(Ben Shapiro) "No there is not"
(Thot) "Prove it"
(Ben Shapiro) "b**ch lasagna "
(Thot) "More Evidence Please"
*Ben Shapiro exposes his true inner furry, ripping his skin off to show a thick, orange, beautiful fursuit, growling and baring his sharp teeth*
(Ben Shapiro) "According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground."
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by Clout-Chasing Muslim December 10, 2018
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When you either:
A) breathe thots
B) Become a basic bitch. Some examples are, Starbucks, dog filter, instagram hoe etc.
C) Are a thot full time
Damn, boi, you see him grinding up next thots at the club. That's some thotism shit going on.
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Thotism is the act of bieing a thot or partaking in thot-like activities.

Being a thot.
A mental disability associated with thots.
by *Internal screaming* October 27, 2018
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