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another word for suicide(in an exotic/"cool" way) but does not refer to being emo or pussy bitch etc.

also a lil' mofolio
dude...he just pulled a thorris!

your such a thorris.
by lord annoyoboy January 23, 2007
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Þorri is not just a man, he is a ballbuster! He is often tilted by his friends and family, but he is quick to throw that aside and enjoy the best things in life. He is a great friend and very understanding, u can always rely on Þorri. He can be very aggressive and scary, but its all good we know he is good hearted and loyal on the inside
Þorri is tilted
Þorri is having some issues with tilt
Its alright im just gonna roll my self some snus
by Bigboymikki October 17, 2017
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