The place where i spend all my time at like every good coaster enthusiast should.I wake up outside the entrance inside a tent and use the annual pass that i found in the bin to gain entrance to the park every day.

The security men beat me with sticks and poor coffee down my tent every night.It's not my fault my house is right outside the entrance to the park.

The park is home to the best rides in the world ever and whoever disagrees is wrong and deserves to be drowned by the mafia.Nemesis inferno is amazing.

Alton towers must rot!!
by David Jayne willaims January 23, 2005
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A feeling of anxiety or anticipation before an event (can also be felt before going to Thorpe Park) Can trigger lack of sleep and difficulty of eating
Friend1: Eurgh I couldn't eat this morning and I feel really sick, its weird :S Friend2: Thorpe park feeling? Friend1: Yeah :(
by Toothpastekid April 27, 2011
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