A southern maine semi- private school where the sport teams win multipul gold medals to promote their revealry with the neighboring ghetto town of biddeford. Has many dorms with hundreds of identical foreign students from rich families in asia.
yo, have you seen thornton academy's football team this yea?

yea they're second in states !
by meow meow meow meowx6 January 12, 2012
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Thornton Academy is a semi-private school residing in Saco, Maine. It has the impression of a prestigious school however it is full of lazy asses, slutty underclassmen, teachers who are more concerned with their humor than their teaching and a headmaster who was in the civil war.
Hey, isn't Thornton Academy a great school!?!?

Answer: NO
by Jane Trembulsmithfathead December 5, 2008
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The semi-private high school in Saco, Maine that has recently expanded to include junior high grades as well. Thornton Academy provides schooling for neighboring towns as well; Dayton and Arundel as well. Out of town citizens can pay for their children to attend Thornton Academy. The school offers many amenities that a public school cannot. Also, because they are private, they have more funding from tuitions for athletics and arts.
"Hey, did you go to Thornton Academy?"

"I did. Thornton is my alma mater."
by deanna03801 March 17, 2009
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