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A bass-like sound, that sounds like any of the following:

* the sound of a pedestrian being hit by a car
* a funky bass-line
* the repetitive sound of a heartbeat

An apparel and gift company in Cambridge, MA, called "Thoomp!" was named after the onomatopoeic "thoomp" sound.
Thoomp!'s company logo ( suggests the primary definition listed here.
by Thoomp! August 18, 2009
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The sound of the action that occurs in the beginning of having sex.
Bro I heard you smashed Hailey .

I had too bro she was so bad, i was all in there just like thoomp!
by Silly diamond March 21, 2017
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To insert something in an anus. Comes from the sound created.
I'm going to ram this in your ass. Thoomp.
by Eric Thomas January 27, 2009
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