Thank you, or at least the first part of, commonly mistyped by almost everyone on the planet when signing off an email.
Thnak you for your email, I will be in touch shortly
by intelligentvc May 4, 2011
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its like thnk you but if you cant spell correctly for example
preson 1; your hot
perosn 2; thnaks
''hey your so cool!'' ''thnaks lol''
by January 26, 2021
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I just made this up, it's teh l33t new w4y of saying thanks!!!!1111!!!!1111!1 When i type t00 fast, i spell Thnaks, so that's the new w4y....on0z, you su><0rs b3773r n0t steal t3h l337 w0rd!!111

g00se_m4n_nub: OMFG!! l33t w4ll headi3!!

Petey Sad Paul.: Thnaks nub.
by Petey [Sad Paul.] January 3, 2005
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