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thiweenoun a synnonym of slowpoke/dummie/ditsy/ugly. this word can be use as a name nor an adjective. root word comes from a latin vietnamese word: "thi"

thiwee: a definition of a slow person who reacts to an object, phase, or any kind of statement slowly. it takes HIM/HER a while to get it. A thiwee is mentally and physically challenge4ft10inches and a HALFthiwee often laugh at the most retarded things yet have the most ridiculous jokes like

"why do asian have chinky eyes"
"because whenever they see rice they go, "oh no! not rice again!""

p.s.: =

also a thiwee always state the obvious or tense to repeat things that people had alreayd said. Also one day, a thiwee will make a special meal for a QUOC that will stands out among the rest of the other foods regardless of what the ingredients that were given to her. =
quoc: you know what looks good on you?
quoc: ME! elohel
thiwee: huh? is that a joke?
quoc: stop being such a thiwee!
thiwee: i dont get it );
quoc: go play in the traffic.
thiwee: what what??? but but if i play in the traffic i would get run over by a car!
quoc: you're sucha thiwee
by QDpi May 28, 2008
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