A table who is usually attractive. It's thicc and looks like a snack. It will reject all the vsco girls/guys. But it likes to eat cheese burgers and fries with you.
Me: let's go get My Donald's
Bff: ok but we need to share with the THICCCC tables at home
Me: ok sis
by I$eat$vsco$girls$every$day September 23, 2019
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ur 1 teacher in school who is called bob and is thicccc as hell but really chill.
kid 1: I dont wanna go to history
kid 2 : do it, it might be worth it
both: enters class
kid 1 : fuck yeah we got thicccc boi BOB !!!!!!
kid 2 : what did I tell you
by BeeDuo_Enthusiast December 02, 2019
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