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A word definitely used by someone from Philly, wayyy back in the day. To define the ultimate in cool.

pronounced ther-rull or tha-rull like derryl. let the L roll off your tongue son!
things that are the ultimate in cool:
- your moms buying you some fresh air force ones for Easter
- getting $20 allowance to hang out on the ave. and get some ambersun glasses and a kangol hat
- your boy using your last man to get you off a game level in the arcade, esp. if it was Narc, Double Dragon or Yie Ar Kung-Fu.
- TI Sweatsuits. the originals, which means anything from 1983-1986.

"yo man, that TI sweatsuit and those a-ones are theral!"
by tha philly dangla December 09, 2006
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