Its somewhere between free period and philosophy. In other words, IB didn't want you to possibly have a free period for half the year, no way, they wanted to fill in that space with another class with a name equivalent to "bull shit." Sometimes for "fun", teachers assign the reading of Sophies World.
Today in Theory of Knowledge, I BSed an 1,500 word paper about math as a way of knowing in 25 minutes!
by s12 January 18, 2009
The literally and complete epitome of all human suffering and agony. Something from the depths of the underworld that should never of made it out.
Richard: OMG that lecture was so hell

Lucy: I know right, it was so theory of knowledge
by Octococeres November 21, 2019
Also known as TOK. Propaganda created by the IB to make all IB students skeptical of the world around them in the name of “critical thinking skills”.
IB Student 1: “Yesterday I watched a Vox video and I realized all documentaries have implicit bias.”

IB Student 2: “Bruh, are you tripping on Theory of Knowledge right now?”
by Anonymous Homo Sapien July 19, 2020