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A bunch of bored winos who would rap and beat each other up while listening to Hip Hop and even wierder shit. While jumping skate boards, tagging, getting jumped for talking shit and having fun. There are homeless assholes who had the luck or charisma, I dont know to get a ufo and hit the road. They dont have enemies but that doesnt mean much because if asked they will say fuck every one. They are all intellegent but continue to make dumb ass decisions. They are cool and loyal but also haywire and irrational. They like to take shrooms and piss on peoples front doors. They are not the toughest but they arent alone either. They spaek back wards in code and have psychic powers to win the lottery. they live in sewer pipes and pracitice cannibalism and worship money. They have girls called the BURNETTES who dont like the groupies and get jealous and start shit. Also see sideways Burnout underground hip hop fat caps ghosts samurai subgenius
the sidewayz burnoutz are invisable with ninja skills son.
by levitate and see ghosts July 24, 2008
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