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This is a family comprised of only the most talented youth from the cities where it originated. There are Sidewayz Burnoutz in 415, 408 , 650 and in the Klammath falls Kuruk Indian reservation. Sidewayz Burnoutz are not limited to race or gender but are united for love of life, education, revoltion, Hip Hop and Native Pride. Sideways Burnouts are involved in urban mural art, rap, break dancing and literacy projects. They are not a gang and are not belived to be subject to central leader ship. They are active in their belief systems and united for love of music, mischief and family. As many members of SWBO were orphans or otherwise from broken homes they aact as a family for meals, advice, tutoring and love. This is a way to publish the ideas of urban youth and combat the views of our generation by society and right wing facist elements of society. Not just any one can be a BURNOUT and a high level of integrity and dedication is needed to remain one. THE SIDEWAYS BURNOUTS DO NOT APPROVE OF DRUG USE AND WILL NOT ASSOCIATE WITH DEGENERATE ELEMENTS. We love our people and want all to succeed by following our example. It is not impossible to finish school and live a better life, it just takes sacrafice and leaving riff-raff and the dishonest behind in order to live life to the fullest.
Sidewayz Burnoutz are wierd and secretive.
by Iswamthrutheburmudatriangle July 24, 2008
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