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a particular shot in the game of pool,which involves whacking the ball in the general direction of the pockets in the hope that it will go in. Generally the struck ball will hit at least 4 different cushions before eventually dropping in; prompting choruses of "ya jammy bastard" and "that's what i meant tae dae".

The nelly is the preferred shot of amateurs,rookies and n00bs around the world and even though the the shot is extremely unlikely to work, said amateur/rookie/n00b will perform it simply in order to piss their opponents off.
Euan lined up his shot and almost ripped the felt on the table as he smacked the ball.The ball proceeds to hit every cushion, and then trickle into the top left corner pocket;

Reece:"Honestly for fucksake,why do you only play the nelly?"
Euan:"What are ye talking aboot? that's what i meant tae dae."
Reece:"Aye git te fuck ya bloody n00b"
Euan:"But ah didnae play the nelly, i played a well placed shot"
Reece:"Aye whatever ya jammy bastard"
by Dylophski January 14, 2008
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